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"Even though I'm a grown man I've been afraid of the dentist all my life. No other dentist has ever made me feel so comfortable. I'll be a patient here for life."

"Thank you for my beautiful smile. I proudly showed it off when I won my Emmy Award."

"There are about 15 people in my extended family who are patients of Gentle Care Dental. Amazingly, everyone agrees that the doctors there are the best and most gentle dentists they have been to."

"I live in San Diego, but I trust Dr. Amiri and his staff so much that I still travel to L.A. to see him."

"My son was so traumatized by dentists that he would get physically sick. He would vomit and he would have bed wetting before or after his appointments. Other doctors wanted to drug him or tie him down to do the work on him, which I wouldn't allow. I was so relieved and grateful when I found Gentle Care Dental because the doctors were able to do all the work without drugs or restraints, just by talking to him. Not only did they not traumatize him, they made him feel just fine. They were so patient. They gave him so much time, and they knew just what to say to him. They did all the work without a problem and now he has no more fears about going to the dentist."

"I've been working in the dental field for 12 years and I have seen a lot of back offices. I haven't seen an office that's more strict and thorough about cleaning and sterilizing than this one. It's the only office I'll bring my family to."

"As a lab technician, I've seen the work of thousands of dentists. Dr. Amiri's work is by far among the best and most precise. Definitely among the top 1% of dentists."

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